Formula 1 and Similar

We did, some years ago, actually fit such a car with the Harmony Technology with the result that its usual 5th place was give to someone else as “our” car won the race.

Unfortunately, for fear that the car would be disqualified, the promise made to us was broken and no mention was made of how the car had really won.
As you have heard on the “Driving with the Harmony Technology” page, the NASCAR racers are more forthcoming.

Harmony tuning a formula 1 car is, as you might expect, in a different league to harmonising a family saloon especially as the driver will then have to re-learn how the car handles so as to get the best out of it. It makes sense to attune car and driver to each other. This is something that Joachim and Karma would do together. Given the enormous investment in the car, getting the best out of it with the Harmony Technology is a highly skilled job which would normally not be delegated.

When you study the rule book, observe, please, that we make absolutely NO mechanical changes whatsoever. What we do is to remove the informational perturbances which detract from optimal performance. There is nothing in the rule book which prohibits this.

We cannot offer exclusivity and so whoever begins first, wins first. Even one fewer tyre change can make an enormous difference!

Bullet Proof cars and similar

It is not only formula 1 cars which can benefit from personal treatment. High powered cars used for the secure transport of business leaders and politicians can also benefit from Harmony tuning. Even if you have no intention of any sort of “racing”, the investment in a high-priced car can be easily protected by adding the Harmony Technology also with personal tuning.


Above: President Putin's "Aurum Sedan"
Below: President Trump's "Chrysler Beast"

Cars, as does any machinery, last much longer with the Harmony Technology. The record so far is a Ford Escort which did 550,000 km (340,500 miles). Karma’s car has already done 347,000 km (214,900 miles) and still the mechanic in the testing station reaches for the petrol exhaust tester instead of the diesel because the engine is so quiet. Karma says that it drives just the way it did five years ago - no deterioration in performance or handling.

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And from a NASCAR racer:

Hi Karma,
I recently acquired a Harmony Supercharger, and just heard back from a friend (my mechanic and a NASCAR driver) that installed it on his wife's racecar before a race, and without her knowledge. She wound up placing much higher in the race than ever before! She mentioned that the car handled differently, and gripped the track much better. I am going to allow them to keep testing it.

David Shear,


And this is the man himself with his wife's racing car

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