Wear and Tear

So, just why does everything last much longer?

As we have already seen on the “Driving with the Harmony Technology” page, brakes and tyres last much longer, a fact which can be readily explained:-

Normally, the braking impulse is transferred from the brake pedal as a pressure wave via the master brake cylinder to the wheels. The problem is that, because the brake cylinder is a different distance from each wheel, the pressure does not arrive simultaneously at each wheel. This is the cause of the juddering when you brake - each wheel is being braked at a different time. This is also one of the major sources of tyre wear as, when you brake, usually two wheels are skidding.

The Harmony Super Charger causes the braking impulse to be transferred as an information wave, within the brake fluid, which reaches each wheel simultaneously. Braking is much smoother and you will quickly discover that your braking distance is shorter because all four wheels are being braked! This dramatically reduces brake pad and disc wear.

When you drive around a bend, the front wheel on the outside of the bend is trying to push the car around the curve and the other three wheels are micro-skidding. This, together with braking, is a major source of tyre wear. Although natural shape-resonance should cause all of the wheels to work together, there is normally so much chaos between them that they can’t “hear” each other. The Harmony Super Charger removes this chaos and you immediately notice that the car now goes around bends as though it were on rails.

Finally, every time that you accelerate, each wheel will do a mini-skid because there is no coherent interface between tyre and road. The Harmony Super Charger resolves this problem as well and all three of the major sources of tyre wear are eliminated.

"Repairing" shock absorbers

Jack the car up

When your shock absorbers lose their elasticity -
but NOT when they
are leaking! - you can usually revive them by applying a Harmony Mini to the shank. This will remove accumulated stress from the oil and let it function once again. A LEAKING shock absorber must be replaced immediately: The Harmony Technology cannot repair the leaking seal!

One Harmony Mini protected by Gaffer Tape.

All other parts in your car will wear much more slowly because the chaos has been removed.


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