Calling all Motor Cycle Riders!

Steadily more, both young and old, are enjoying the roads on a motor bike.

The motor cycle’s reputation as the most dangerous of road vehicles is not without cause. For excitement and flexibility there is, however, nothing to compare with a motor bike. It is very easy to understand why so many choose to enjoy the roads in this way.

What can we do to increase the pleasure and, perhaps the safety as well?

Just like a car, a motor cycle acts, essentially, as an interface between a human being and the road.

Just like a car, a motor bike has many problems built into it which lead to imprecision in the steering, braking, stability, performance and comfort.

Just as with a car, we can achieve a great deal with the Harmony United Technology to reduce or to even eliminate many of these problems. For cars, the first Harmony Super Charger was produced in 2005 and already many thousands of cars drive much better and, above all, safer. With a motor cycle one has to proceed in a different manner.

The shape of a motor bike does not lend itself to the use of a Harmony Super Charger and, so, we had to think differently. This is what the solution looks like:

As close as possible to the head of each shock absorber, affix a Harmony Mini and then cover it well with Gaffer tape as shown in these photos (the photos were taken on a car but the principle is the same).

Click on the photos to see them in large format

This brings much greater precision to the function of the entire vehicle, the interface between human being and the road. As a pleasing “side effect”, much of the vibration which can, on a long ride, almost literally paralyse your hands will be eliminated.

The truly “magical” effects come, however, when we consider the central control system of a motor bike. This is, by every make and model, in exactly the same place: The rider’s head! If we carry out an optimisation of the central co-ordination at this point then human and machine will become as one with greater performance and, through the improved perception and reactions of the rider, one with greatly improved safety.

A Harmony Evolution is to be affixed into the rider’s helmet (for example with double sided “carpet” adhesive tape) so that it sits precisely above the fontanel. The following photos show how this is to be done.

The offer for this combination is available to you here:

An ideal present for your son/daughter or grandchild as well as your own peace of mind.

Owners and riders of racing machines are invited to contact us for details of the racing application giving higher speeds and improved road holding.

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