“Tesla” Upgrade

At the moment, electric cars are the up and coming technology despite their many weaknesses:-

• You can only drive up to about 400 km (250 miles) before you need to spend an hour or more refuelling.

• Many families would, therefore, need 2 cars - one for town driving and one for weekends / holidays when the short range of the electric car makes it unusable for such.

• Electric cars produce more “problematical” emissions than do diesel powered vehicles. See the report of this renowned economic institute in Munich, Germany.

• The electro smog generated by such cars can easily completely disorientate many drivers, especially if these have a lot of amalgam tooth fillings or have received many so called “vaccines” all of which contain metals which are poisonous to the human nervous system and dramatically increase susceptibility to electro smog.**

• The Field Effect of having large concentrations of electrically powered vehicles has either never been studied or the results of such studies have not been published. We have already seen that robots and computer driven cars via 5G don’t work in Las Vegas where “The Strip” probably has the highest level of electro smog in the world yet we are talking, with electric cars, about quadrupling the amount of electro smog at street level.

The Harmony Technology can help with much of this, apart from the range.

As we have already seen on the “Driving with the Harmony Technology” page, the technology will reduce exhaust emissions very significantly, to way below those caused by electric cars. Is this, perhaps, the better way to go; to improve that which we already have instead of forcing the production of an environmentally expensive technology which has not been adequately tested?

At this point, we should point out that Joachim drives a Tesla electric car but Karma, who drives much greater distances, has a diesel. In short, we know both sides.

The “Tesla Upgrade” kit gives the vehicle much more “oomph” and. of course, eliminates the electro smog giving the driver a much clearer field of vision. There are also some most interesting side-effects which I had best let Joachim describe in his own words -

“The Harmony-modifications will, without exception, considerably and consistently enhance the driving experience.
At the same time, the problems which many people have with electro smog will be completely eliminated. This gives a large increase in comfort for everyone in the vehicle.
The sound quality from the audio-system in the car becomes clearer, more precise and acceptable to audiophiles.
The charging time can improve, the lifetime and temperature sensitivity of the batteries improves and the cells will be more evenly charged resulting in the value of the vehicle being maintained for a considerably longer time.”

If you have a Tesla car and would like to make a real performance car out of it then you should consider a Harmony United "Super Tuning".
Price on application to this email address.

As we have not, as yet, had the opportunity to test either a hydrogen fuel cell car or a thorium powered vehicle, we are not in a position to comment on these most promising technologies.

** Karma Singh has developed a solution to this problem which you can see by clicking here:-

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